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You don’t have enough time to thoroughly go through all crypto related information about each new product, technology and or asset that you come across. You are investing in the crypto market not just for trading purposes but also for product discovery, research and investing.
The CoinRadr All In One solution is an interface that allows you to make sense of these various infrastructures so you don’t have to spend countless hours and resources on conducting research yourself.

About CoinRadr
It will be interesting to see which new DeFi products the crypto community will come together to create in order to adapt to the financial needs of a variety of future use cases. A decentralized financial system has the power to facilitate and optimize these use cases with its smart contracts, trustworthy and immutable trade history, real-time data collection, as well as data portability. Future developments in DeFi may pave the way for a truly decentralized economy.
This is the first and only Blockchain-based DeFi solution that offers a complete DeFi experience in one place.
CoinRadr is a revolutionary encrypted coin tracking, education & trading app which gives crypto users an edge in the cryptocurrency market. At present, it is the first and only fully integrated DeFi solution on the Blockchain that offers a complete all-in-one DeFi experience.
CoinRadr is set to create a different cryptocurrency experience, by being the only all-in-one DeFi solution. The DeFi solution creates a distinctive use case of every crypto coin due to its unique characteristics. This creates a new crypto environment.
CoinRadr provides a quick and safe way of educating yourself in the cryptosphere, comprehensive access to coin information, market gains/losses, real-time portfolio value, and news alerts. It’s inbuilt charting tool is designed to help you easily visualize your data as well as track market movements, trends, and price.
CoinRadr is a mobile app that allows you to perform automated market scans to get the latest and most accurate prices on top crypto coins. The app is designed to help you identify which crypto coins are trending up or down, so you can make a decision quickly — it’s an automated crypto portfolio manager that does all the heavy lifting for you; enabling users with minimal expertise in crypto trading to learn how to invest like crypto pro’s and become successful traders.
Join CoinRadr, the first Complete DeFi Solution that combines cryptocurrency tracking, education and trading in one app. Use CoinRadr to track over 1,500+ cryptocurrencies and receive important updates on their market prices with the latest news feeds in real-time. Learn all about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency on CoinRadr University’s interactive courses which you can play at your own pace, learn how to trade like a pro and make money with CoinRadr Autotrader, try our demo feature and easily buy or sell your favourite cryptocurrencies with ease on CoinRadr through our Buy/Sell feature.

**Features **

Participants and decentralization play an important role in the ecosystem, which is why a token distribution schedule is set up to provide long-term governance and oversight of the ecosystem.
Following is a breakdown of TOKENOMICS based on the long-term objectives of product development:

Total Supply 100M $RADR

• Private Sale — 2%
• Private Presale — 0.7%
• Presale Round 1 (Public) — 3.6% (Pinksale)
• Presale Round 2–1.5% (XPAD)
• Liquidity 41%
• Liquidity Incentives 4.2%
• Team 8%
• Ecosystem Growth 8%
• Community/Airdrop 5%
• Project Development 15%
• Marketing 11%

CoinRadr Token ($RADR) is to:

  1. For long-term DPY staking rewards
  2. The CoinRadr app’s DApp browser can be used to pay for all kinds of services.
  3. NFTs and Metaverse utilities in the ecosystem will be supported by $RADR, as well.
  4. Amounts of $RADR will be awarded to users based on the amount of time they spend on the app and how much they contribute to the ecosystem.
  5. Serve as a payment method for all app-based transactions.

The cryptocurrency market and the Blockchain technology has come a long way since 2010. What began with just one coin (Bitcoin) slowly grew over time to thousands of coins and tokens today. Although, this achievement is massive, the market is still very volatile. This fact hasn’t deterred the wave of adoptions enthusiasticaly carried out by users around the world. A single transaction can sometimes result in millions of dollar losses or gains in a short amount of time. CoinRadr aims to revolutionize our daily lives by making a DeFi solution that will fully provide an all-in-one DeFi experience to solve such issues and give crypto users an edge in the cryptomarket. All in all, CoinRadr is a new DeFi product that has started to provide a comprehensive and unique DeFi experience. This can be achieved by its many features like the interest rate tracker, coin price tracker, NFT explorer and Crypto Empathy Bot.

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