CRYPTO PIRATE: Creating an exciting gameplay that interest players and provides opportunity to earn tokens.

4 min readJun 22, 2022

What is Crypto Pirate?

Crypto Pirates is a game about pirates, treasure and epic battles. But it’s not just a regular game. It’s the first in-game marketplace that allows players to sell their items and get paid in Cryptocurrency. It’s a revolutionary idea that will change the way people think about video games and virtual items. Cryptocurrencies are the new gold, and the only way to get them is to mine them. But mining is hard and expensive, that’s why we created a way for you to get the best “crypto” experience possible. With Crypto Pirates, you can get all the gold you want, upgrading your ship as you go!

Crypto Pirates is a multiplayer online game that runs on the blockchain. As a player you can explore the map, buy and sell goods, trade with other players, battle with pirates and claim territory. Because the game runs on the blockchain, everything you do is transparent and immutable. There is no centralized server, so there is no one to cheat you. The gameplay is driven by the blockchain and smart contracts. The game has its own cryptocurrency, which is needed to buy, sell and trade anything in the game.


The project’s primary goal is to introduce players and investors to the crypto industry through gaming platform, in which users can mine tokens just by playing games or as a reward for their investment into the platform, and then use them for further investments on other platforms such as exchanges etc. Crypto Pirates is one of the first decentralised games where you can earn real money! In this game you can use the Binance Network to build your own Pirate ships, fight against other players, get resources and coins and win big. It is a revolutionary platform that enhances the gaming industry. It gives access to both gamers and game developers to earn from their passion. We are building a crypto collectible game marketplace. A place where players can buy, sell, or trade their crypto collectibles with other players.


  • PVE (Player Vs Enemies)
    Players will be able to face monsters head-on and collect useful resources that they can use to fight and defeat stronger opponents. Bosses are one of the core sources of tokens in the game, and you can defeat them all by yourself or collaborate with your friends.
  • CO-OP
    The implementation of co-op sailing can help players travel as far as possible and earn as huge rewards. Traveling farther though means you find it harder to find your way back.
  • PVP (Player Vs Player)
    In the game, players will encounter other players, both randomly and by challenging them to duels, you will receive trophies when you take them from the defeated enemy.

Ingame marketplace and economics

There are three entities in the game: resources, piastres, trophies

  • Resources
    Resources are used to repair the ship during combat and exploration. Dropped from mobs and found while sailing. Resources are lost upon death.
  • Piastres
    Piastres are used to repair the ship in a port and to buy artifacts. Piastres cannot be lost in PvP. Very rarely piastres can be found while sailing.
  • Trophies
    Trophies are collected from defeated monsters and players. The greater the strength of a boss, the more trophies you get for killing it. Part of the trophies is lost in case of PVP death. Once a day, players are awarded a sum of piastres based on the number of trophies collected. The trophy counter is then reset to zero.

Tokenomics :

  • Seed Round — 4% — 40000000
  • Private Sale — 14% — 140000000
  • IDO — 4% — 40000000
  • Team — 18% — 180000000
  • Marketing — 15% — 150000000
  • Ecosystem — 45% 450000000


With the world getting transformed as a result of blockchain, the gaming industry has opted for its transformation by having the more recent games deployed on the blockchain. Crypto Pirates offers whole new features and experiences to gamers, making it a standout blockchain-based gaming platform. In addition to all of its unique features, the developers will create its marketplace for players to conveniently shop. NFTs can be traded on this marketplace, after buying and selling them in the game, the object owner will gain an advantage that will help them to earn more tokens.

Information :


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BSC address : 0x8ea71176a39e51ea869146a959eeb374468b832f