RBX — A novel ecosystem of DeFi 2.0 DApps, utilities, and protocols to accelerate the flow of digital assets and capital

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a category of blockchain-based solutions that aims to solve the problems of traditional finance, namely, centralization and the lack of personal autonomy and ownership over one’s finances. The growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) has seen the expansion of blockchains. DeFi 1.0. comprises a broad range of financial services, including decentralized exchanges (DEXes), yield farming or liquidity provision, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) governance, lending platforms, payment gateways, and much more. Because cryptocurrencies live on different blockchains, low or inconsistent liquidity plagues less popular platforms and their respective currencies are not always able to be easily exchanged. A user might need to use multiple platforms to trade assets with low liquidity or accept losses due to slippage. DeFi 2.0 is introducing layer-2 and even layer-3 platforms that make decentralized financial services like lending, yield farming, and asset management, easy to use, even for beginners.

DeFi 2.0 can combat the financial risks of both DeFi 1.0 and traditional finance, making it a financial paradigm unlike anything markets have ever seen. There are multiple ways to invest in DeFi 2.0, but it’s helpful to conceive of them in two categories: buying tokens and using DeFi 2.0 platforms. Among such many Defi 2.0 protocols, a new project that came into existence is RBX.

What is RBX?

RBX is a novel ecosystem of DApps, utilities, and protocols to accelerate the flow of digital assets and capital. RBX is a cornerstone of the Carbon ecosystem of products, RBXchange (DEX), Staking, Bridging, NFTs & widgets. The RBX token is used for general utility purposes across the multi-chain suite.

Aim of RBX

The aim is to increase the velocity of RBX making products easy to use is minimizing headaches. Whether it’s staking, farming, providing liquidity, or simply interacting with external features, RBX wants users to feel excited about using their tokens. RBX incurs zero transaction taxes, with only a simple sell tax of 2%. You can buy, store, move, stake, and play without shrinking your holdings.

Ecosystem of RBX

  1. RBXchange — Cross-chain decentralized exchange & liquidity management solution that lets you trade any token across 18+ EVM chains. Uncensored. Unrestricted. Unblockable.
  2. P2P Fiat On/Off Ramp — Buy & sell crypto using 20+ different payment apps, such as Cash App, PayPal, or Venmo. All without the complexities of KYC.
  3. Rocket Drop — Realizing that a large market of crypto investors wanted to do more than just buy and hold, Rocket Drop is a way of opening staking pools for token projects we have partnered with. DeFi Staking & Farming platform allows the creation of reward systems in virtually any imaginable permutation. Open to all vetted projects.
  4. OTC Assist — Automated escrow interface allowing two or more parties to trustlessly conduct Over-the-Counter (OTC) trades of virtually any digital asset.
  5. RBX::Launch — Digital asset offering platform built to eliminate unscrupulous projects. Baked-in token locks, vesting schedules, automated vetting, & more.
  6. Multi-Cross Chain Bridge — Bridge RBX & other assets to virtually any public EVM chain. Effortlessly convert assets between blockchains, including BTC, XMR, ETH, & BNB. Bridge, which has been working flawlessly since Q3, will be expanded across all 7 planned networks RBX will trade on

RBX Ecosystem Fuel

RBX is the unified cross-chain token of the ecosystem working as a fuel across the platform. RBX incurs zero transaction taxes, with only a simple sell tax of 2%. This means you can freely distribute, stake, store, and use your RBX tokens without penalty. No tax transactions on purchases. Each token can be used to cast a vote in future governance or can be delegated to others.

Automated holder credit/reputation attribution

Every 24 hours, the token takes a snapshot of holder balances and existing supply.

While this information is already on the blockchain, this new functionality lets us easily access said information and use it for future products.

Examples include seniority-based staking rewards (hold longer, get higher APY), special rewards based on holding times, special credit lending based on token balance history, etc.

Cross-chain 1:1 bridging.

This means you can move your RBX from one chain to another without having to wrap, swap, and bridge your tokens just to take advantage of a little arbitrage.

It also means that you are able to easily and effortlessly use released products across different chains.

i.e. Tired of paying high gas fees? Stake on Arbitrum, Matic, or BSC

Built-in project funding without price effects

The 2% sell fee is immediately liquidated and sent to the RBX development and marketing wallet to fund further growth.

This liquidation is DEX and pair agnostic: whether the sell happens on a USDC pairing or a LINK pair on Sushiswap, the mechanism works effortlessly and transparently.

Because this happens immediately, the team no longer has to pay vendors in tokens that are eventually dumped onto the market.

Multi-admin access roles

Several roles can be defined that can interact with admin functions in the contract.

This allows RBX to be managed securely by multiple team members without affecting the overall security of the system.

Critical functions are still reserved only for the main administrator, thereby insulating holders from “risk of rogues”


Token Name: RBX
Token Ticker: RBX
Total Supply: 100,000,000 RBX
Network: ERC-20 and BEP-20



The projects and features listed above include projects that will help you become familiar with DeFi 2.0, after which you’ll be equipped to evaluate a new era of Decentralized finance. $RBX is such a great project the team is incredibly transparent with their holders and is trying to make a product that blows uniswap and others out of the water.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/RBXtoken
Telegram: https://t.me/RBXtoken
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RBXToken/
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