SEALEMLAB: makes gaming industry better with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology.

4 min readJun 23, 2022

Blockchain Games

There are many benefits to winning online games through the use of online blockchain technology. With the help of blockchain, the game player can use DeFi and NFT protocols, which will improve the performance of traditional and modern entertainment. In addition, the DeFi protocol makes gambling a real economic system that benefits all parties. With the increasing use of blockchain technology in sports advertising, SealemLab is eager to launch an online campaign that benefits all participants. SealemLab is a big sports club today.


The Sealem platform creates a new generation of the DeFi + Gamefi protocol. Get involved in buying bonds to win an ST token while earning game chips by betting and playing a variety of high quality platform games. The DeFi + Gamefi model reduces the risk of unrestricted inflation and both sides will work together to maximize profitability.

In the winter of 2020, when the first snow snake fell on the streets of Washington, BTC brought the entire Crypto to a bull market that lasted almost a year and a half, the hole market shows people only a green vision, people are immersed in Fomo strong emotions. Then came the concept of Web3, which was created in 2014.

Osman, founder of Sealem Finance. Unlike others, it is more about the mood of the market and the financial environment than about the crazy appreciation of the various chips.

In short, if the financial institutions on the market do not have enough capacity to carry all the individual funds, there will be serious risks to financial security. If there are too many hidden dangers, it can easily affect the entire crypto market and the traditional financial market. then it will cause a great financial tsunami. From this moment, Sealem Finance was born, a stable, secure and innovative decentralized financial platform.

Benefits of joining SealemLab

By joining the SealemLab ecosystem, you can enjoy the many benefits of online gambling without fear of fraud or transparency, as the SealemLab Dapp is extremely resistant to piracy. good time. With many different layers of security, there is a 2FA, so when you sign in, you can be completely safe because only you know the password. The ST property is a symbol of the project, you have a lot of incentives to play and use, because it is a currency that circulates in this ecosystem. You can buy or sell anything in the game and sell it to your dealer at any time. Not only that, the NFT has been an investment topic lately. This initiative proposes a redistribution of income for its investors. After analyzing the project, I think it pays to invest in it in the future. On the other hand, SealemLab has some real and simple examples of using gaming assets. Other special features are listed below.

How To Purchase NFTs

Enter the NFT market

Make sure you are looking for the right Sealem NFT contract:

After “Successful Authorization”, click on Exchange to sign the transaction

After a successful transaction, you will see the NFT in your wallet. If you can’t find it in your wallet, add the NFT contract address to your wallet

How to get into the game

Go to the game page of the Sealem website

Download the latest version of the installation package

Once in the game, create an account to run GameFi

How to collect earnings

Earn SR chips by completing daily missions or ring competitions

In the Message box, type the SR number that you want to extract. To select all your SRs, press the “Max” button and the input field will be filled with all available SR balances. 5% administration fee for each withdrawal

Click “Approve” and sign the transaction. “Approval” After successful processing of the transaction, click on “Download” and sign the transaction

The end

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have grown in recent years. Anyone who failed to buy a coin now regrets it. If you don’t have enough capital to invest in great currencies like bitcoin and ethereum, there are still many ways to get involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. You can even create your own token or coin if you have a unique concept of using a blockchain.